cywyddau, gweau gwiail,

    cywion, priodolion dail



gwâl nos observes the old celtic fire festival, candlemas (gŵyl fair) of February, the little month. three songs held in mind twisted themselves into this set when we got to llangranog to play an evening concert in st caranog's church, 2nd February 2012. lights low - candles and tranquil quiet - friends long past, we say goodbye.  'suogan', a lullaby (davidson's), sleep gently friends - 'craig-y-ddinas' (maria jane williams), ache of longing, a parting,  'y gwyl nos', measure of three beats held sacred, the wake, the long night, glasses empty. the sun rises again. thanks to the warm & generous people of llangranog who had us to play there & came out to listen on a cold, bitter night.